Butcher's shop Hofer
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Butchers Shop Hofer

Moso in Passiria, Trentino-Alto Adige

The Hofer butcher's shop in Moos Passeier has been known for its first-class meat and sausage products since 1963. The family business is run in the 2nd generation with a great love for craftsmanship and tradition. For their fresh, natural and originally good products, they only use meat from their own slaughtering and from the best cattle breeders. The Hofer family prepares their smoked specialities such as Kaminwurzen (smoked sausages) and bacon according to an old family recipe and attaches great importance to natural ingredients. When it comes to sausage, the Hofers don't do things by halves: Their range includes various types of salami - including great game salami - and delicious sausages such as white sausage, black pudding or ham aspic. The originality that makes Hofer products so unique is particularly evident in the Geselchten: hearty, smoky, rustic. This is what tradition tastes like!

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