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Chili With Ethical Beef Bio

Chili With Ethical Beef Bio bio


/ 400 g

With their Chili con carne, the Holzner butcher shop in Lana and regional delicatessen producer Karl Telfser celebrate the taste of beef in Mexican style! The meat, which bears the ETHICAL seal of quality, comes from an animal husbandry appropriate to the species and is slaughtered without stressing the animal, after which it is seasoned with tomato, corn and, of course, chilli. Heat over a low heat for a few minutes and try it with tasty Tacos, Burritos or simply with some rice and a couple of avocado wedges. These 2 portions of Chili con carne will transport you to Mexico in one bite.

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IngredientsTomatoes (tomato pulp tomato juice acidity regulator citric acid) maize beans Beef 11,7% peppers 4,7% tomato paste SENAPE (water SENAPE SEEDS spirit vinegar salt spices natural flavouring) chilli pepper 0,33%. salt cumin pepper oregano
Weight400 g
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