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Herb Butter

Herb Butter


/ 250 g

Alpine aroma and scent in a small golden ingot! Moarhof herb butter is made exclusively from the milk of the farm's own cows and the finest alpine herbs from the farm's own garden. Marjoram, chives and parsley give the sweet aroma of the butter a pleasant spiciness and freshness and make it ideal for a nice sandwich or the typical South Tyrolean Marende. Also great for adding a touch of sophistication to meat dishes!

The Moarhof is located in the Ahrntal Valley at 1,300 m above sea level. The high location and the very small herd of cows (only 10 in total) contribute to the spicy, fresh taste of the herbs and the rustic, herbaceous aroma of the butter respectively. A daily handmade pleasure!

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IngredientsCream, salt, herbs 2% (marjoram, chives, parsley)
How to preserveStore at +4°.
Weight250 g
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