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Corbarino Tomatoes

Corbarino Tomatoes


/ 400 g

The Corbarino tomatoes takes its name from its cultivation area: the hills of Corbara, in the province of Salerno. They are intensely red coloured, oblong shaped and typically bittersweet, being one of the most remarkable samples of the local rural tradition.

Those tomatoes are especially rich in vitamins, minerals and healthy anti-oxidant substances. They are especially suitable to prepare delicious dishes based on pomodori even in winter. Corbarino tomatoes are the main ingredient for the so called “vongole fujute” (escaped clams) sauce. This recipe is able to provide the sauce with a seafood aroma, even if clams are not featured at all! That depends on corbarino tomatoes, which absorb the salty and bitter taste of the sea.

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Weight400 g
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