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Spelt Crackers With Seeds 1 X 150 G

Spelt Crackers With Seeds 1 X 150 G


Einkorn or small spelled, is one of the oldest varieties of wheat currently cultivated; it was "domesticated" about 10,500 years ago and for 6,000 years it was one of the main foods of our ancestors. A revaluation process has been underway for some years, even if it has more limited productions than other more recent wheat varieties. It is resistant to diseases and adverse conditions, does not require strong fertilization and chemical treatments. The einkorn spelled used for our productions is 100% Italian, grown in Tuscany according to the principles and regulations of organic farming of the European Community. From a nutritional point of view it has a balanced protein content, a certain fiber content, a good intake of carbohydrates that provide energy, a limited level of fat. Einkorn spelled for its balanced supply of nutritional elements, is particularly digestible. The use of organic high oleic sunflower oil also helps to increase the quality of this product even more.

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IngredientsStone-ground semi-whole spelt flour* 72 %; Sunflower seed oil*; Sesame seeds* 5 %; Sunflower seeds* 5 %; Linseed* 3 %; Sea salt; Raising agents (sodium bicarbonate, bicarbonate of ammonium); Barley malt*; Grape seed oil. *From Biological Agriculture.
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