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Seasoned Graukases

Seasoned Graukases


/ 1300 g

The little stinker with the big taste! Matured Graukäse from the Moarhof cheese dairy is a veritable bombshell of aromas and flavours and is the secret ingredient of many Tyrolean culinary classics. The uniformly matured, greyish-gold colour of the cheese has a soft, slightly chewy texture and an intense aroma of maturation that is even reminiscent of animal notes. A unique pleasure for connoisseurs and a sensory adventure for those who like to try new things! Absolutely to be enjoyed with onions, oil and vinegar!

Graukäse is a culinary classic of the Ahrntal Valley and is even protected by the Slow Food Presidium. The so-called grey cheese has an exceptionally low fat content of no more than 2% of dry matter. One of its special features is that it is ripened from the outside in. This Graukäse is ready to eat after just 10 days, but courageous cheese lovers can age it at home for a while longer!

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IngredientsSkimmed milk, salt, milk enzymes
How to preserveStore at +4°C
Weight1300 g
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