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Tortelli With Herbs And Monte Veronese Cheese

Tortelli With Herbs And Monte Veronese Cheese


/ 500 g

Egg tortelli filled with herbs and Monte Veronese DOP cheese, handmade according to the Romagna tradition.

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IngredientsPastry (42%) : soft wheat flour 00, pasteurised egg mixture. Filling (58%) : ricotta (cow's whey, milk, acidity corrector: lactic acid (E270)), herbs (16%), monte veronese (5%) (milk), breadcrumbs (wheat), grana cheese (milk and egg lysozyme), glutamate stock preparation (salt, flavour enhancers monosodium glutamate, lactose (milk), meat extract, stock extract (soy) dehydrated vegetables in varying proportions ([onion (contains preservative sulphur dioxide), celery seed, garlic (contains preservative: sulphur dioxide), tomato], salt.
Weight500 g
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