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Farmers Butter

Farmers Butter


/ 250 g

The butter of yesteryear! On the Moarhof farm in the Ahrntal valley, only milk from their own cows is used to make creamy butter with a slightly sweet, hazelnut flavour - it doesn't get more original than that! With its cute, rustic shape and the dairy logo, this butter is a real treat for the eyes and palate. It is ideal as the base of a good sandwich, for whipping up sauces, making biscuits or for a thousand other dishes in which a knob or two of top-quality butter is welcome.

In keeping with farming tradition, nothing is thrown away at the Moarhof! On the contrary, buttermilk, a residual product of butter making, is processed into Graukäse just as it used to be. The so-called grey cheese has a very low fat content and is the speciality par excellence of the Ahrntal Valley.

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How to preserveStore at + 4 °C
Weight250 g
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