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Flowered Rind Cheese Castanea

Flowered Rind Cheese Castanea


/ 280 g

A unique soft cheese: the 'Castanea' flowered-rind cheese from the Eggemoa artisanal cheese dairy now tastes even better with chestnuts. Under the fragrant crust Under the crust with its vegetable and milk aroma lies a soft, creamy paste, in which the unmistakable autumn aroma of chestnuts is accompanied by the sweet and sour flavour of the dairy's raw milk. A real delicacy not to be missed!

The chestnut is a particularly valuable tree, as it can take up to 50 years for it to bear its first fruits. In addition, chestnuts, a real autumn delicacy, are not only an excellent source of energy but also rich in vitamins B and C.

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Ingredientsraw milk, chestnuts, salt, milk enzymes, rennet
How to preservekeep cool at +4°C to +7°C
Weight280 g
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