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Asparagus Lasagne

Asparagus Lasagne


/ 2.5 kg

Refined dishes, prepared by hand, ready to be served. This is the secret of the success of Di Martino's Gastronomy, which offers a wide range of frozen first courses. They are handmade in their own kitchens in Altavilla Vicentina by a staff of over 30 people who work entirely by hand with top quality ingredients to create excellent dishes that can be immediately frozen.

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IngredientsBéchamel 44% (fresh pasteurized MILK 82%, sunflower oil, soft wheat flour, butter, salt), green asparagus 27%, egg pasta 10% (hard wheat semolina, soft wheat flour, eggs 30%, water), onion, , Grana Padano cheese 1,4% [MILK, salt, rennet, lysozyme (egg protein)], butter, broth preparation [aromatic preparations, natural flavouring substances. Support: iodised salt (9-16mg/kg expressed as iodine). Vegetable fats (Sunflower). Rice starch. Vegetable fibres (Bamboo)], salt, garlic.
Weight2.5 kg
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