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Artichokes And Olives Tapenade With Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 X 190 G

Artichokes And Olives Tapenade With Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 X 190 G


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Discover the fullness of our land flavours with this artichoke and olive tapenade in extra virgin olive oil. Only the most tender part of our artichokes is used to create this fantastic tapenade. The addition of olives, natural flavours, potatoes and extra virgin olive oil make it a delicate tapenade, but at the same time very tasty. Our precious olive oil enriches the flavours and ensures correct conservation. Inside each jar you will find the freshness and intensity of each individual ingredient. Ideal as dressing of beef and chicken meat. Thanks to its soft and dense texture it is perfect on slices of bread, croutons and canapés. Impossible to give up such a tasty and light dressing, right?

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IngredientsOlives (37%), artichokes (30%), potatoes (10%), sunflower oil (10%), extra virgin olive oil (8%), salt, spices, natural flavours. Citric acid.
Weight0.19 g
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