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Soft Cheese Herbarius

Soft Cheese Herbarius


/ 250 g

From the perfect marriage of Dobbiaco fenugreek and the various aromas of the washed rind, Eggemoa gives birth to a soft cheese that is more unique than rare: "Herbarius". Made from raw milk and matured with fenugreek, it gives the public a creamy texture. The smell of milk is echoed on the nose, while a strong intensity prevails on the palate.

In the Italian translation from the South Tyrolean German dialect, trigonella caerulea is also called 'gypsy grass'. It is thought to have been picked and taken from village to village by the caravans of gypsies who once carried out craftwork.

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IngredientsCow's milk, fenugreek, live cultures, rennet, salt
How to preserveStore at +4°C - +7°C
Weight250 g
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