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Soft Cheese Hofers Alptraum Capriz 230 G

Soft Cheese Hofers Alptraum Capriz 230 G


/ 230 g

The fabulous soft cow's milk cheese "Hofers Alptraum" from Capriz is matured with Pineau des Charentes, aged for 4 weeks, then its rind refined with rye bread. It has a closed white paste with scattered holes and scents of rye bread and cognac. Depending on the degree of maturity, the consistency of the inside may be more or less compact. On the palate, there is a slight aroma of mushrooms and cow's milk, while the rye bread in combination with the Pineau is reminiscent of walnuts; the finish has a light, pleasant cognac flavour.

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IngredientsVACCINE MILK rennet ferments salt RYE BREAD (RYE FLOUR WHEAT FLOUR water yeasts salt cumin fennel coriander) Pineau des Charentes
Weight230 g
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