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Balsamic Essence Liquid Luxury 1 X 500 Ml

Balsamic Essence Liquid Luxury 1 X 500 Ml


Our Liquid Luxury line is dedicated to those who believe in the strong connection between food and love. Both of them, to be really enjoyed, need to be shared with someone. Oilalà Liquid Luxury enhances the dishes of the best Italian and international restaurants and embellishes the most exclusive gourmet shops. It is perfect for the most elegant and demanding consumers. Enjoy the glass transparency which allows a clear view of the pure and natural product inside; the wood cap adds a traditional touch to the whole packaging and the silk print on the front side of the bottle, makes it a unique piece of art. The white box gives a more romantic effect, the black one underlines the luxury side of the product. Our Balsamic Essence is an 100% artisanal and genuine product with no chemical ingredients.After the acidification in large barrels, the Balsamic is moved to smaller sized barrels, made of cherry, chestnut and juniper wood, in order to obtain the desired harmony. It is the everyday Balsamic which is perfect on green salads, grilled meats and fresh cheeses. We even suggest trying it with Sushi and Sashimi. It does not contain any artificial colours or preservatives.

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IngredientsMosto cotto, wine vinegar.
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