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Turmeric And Ginger Bread 1 X 100 Gr

Turmeric And Ginger Bread 1 X 100 Gr


The Näckler bakery is now in the 3rd generation of the traditional business that it has been doing since 1920 for the daily production of a wide range of quality baked goods and offering the best service. Here, the old craftsmanship is combined with the latest technology in order to offer you not only classic breads and baked goods, but also to guarantee new culinary experiences. Bread is not only a basic food product, but also reflects regional peculiarities. With bread you can discover the evolution of the development of a country and therefore also its eating habits.

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IngredientsWheat flour type "0", rye flour "I", sourdough of  wheat flour type "0", turmeric 1.1 %, ginger 0.3 %, salt and water.
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