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Goats Cheese Ziegiz Caverna Capriz 250 G

Goats Cheese Ziegiz Caverna Capriz 250 G


/ 250 g

The 300 days of ripening, of which the "Ziegiz Caverna" spends about half in a natural stone cave, give the semi-hard cheese made from Capriz goat's milk its distinctive appearance and its creamy aromatic interior. Beneath the yellowish-brownish rind is a white closed dough with occasional perforations from fermentation and breakage. Its milky, mildly acidic aroma develops a slight spiciness as it matures. On the palate, it impresses with its long and finely melting dough and develops its spicy, lingering flavour with a slightly sweet nutty aroma; depending on the degree of ripeness, mild to somewhat stronger goat aroma.


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IngredientsGOAT'S MILK Lab Cultures Salt LYSOZYM (from EI)
Weight250 g
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