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The Bourgeois In The Water


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Yellow Vesuvius tomatoes GiàGiù

Sought-after, noble, rediscovered... rediscovered by the Camaldolese monks of Nola who handed down its cultivation, the yellow Vesuvius PDO cherry tomato variety GiàGiù comes from an area with particular pedoclimatic characteristics that give it a special flavour. We process it fresh, just picked, whole and not peeled, and it is preserved in water.

With its thick skin, firm flesh and sweet flavour, it is grown according to the typical techniques of the Campania region. Included by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry in the list of Traditional Food Products (PAT), the yellow cherry tomato is one of the characteristic ecotypes of the Vesuvius area. It is cultivated using supports made of wooden stakes that allow the fruit not to touch the ground and to receive the sun's rays evenly. Particularly rich in antioxidants as well as vitamins and minerals, it is particularly suitable for adding a chef's touch to your gourmet recipes. It can also be used purely as a pasta sauce, on pizza or as an accompanying sauce for main course and stuffing recipes.

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Weight580 g
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