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Biological 6 Grain Muesli 1 X 500 G

Biological 6 Grain Muesli 1 X 500 G


Biological 6-grain muesli.

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CookingStore the product in a cool, dry place away from light.
AllergensThe product may contain fruit in shell, sesame and soya.
IngredientsOat flakes* 30%, wheat flakes* 19%, spelt flakes* 10%, barley flakes* 10%, rye flakes* 9%, sweetened cornflakes* (corn* 92%, cane sugar* 6%, salt), puffed wheat with honey* (puffed wheat* 62%, cane sugar*, corn syrup* 6%, salt), puffed wheat wheat with honey* (puffed wheat* 62%, cane sugar*, corn syrup*, honey* 2%), dates*, banana chips* (bananas* 68%, coconut oil*, raw coconut oil*, raw cane sugar*). * from biological agriculture.
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