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The Neapolitan Classic

The Neapolitan Classic


/ 1 kg

Whole peeled tomato preserved in juice

With its elongated shape and fleshy pulp, the typical tomato of the Vesuvius area, slightly smaller than the San Marzano, is processed fresh, whole and peeled, and preserved immersed in its juice. It is the classic taste of Neapolitan tradition, available in both 1kg and 3kg sizes.

Ancestral fragrances radiate from the land on the slopes of Vesuvius, where our tomatoes are grown according to an ancient cultivation method handed down from generation to generation by our farmers. With its compact and fleshy pulp, it is picked, fruit by fruit, only when it is well ripe. An essential ingredient of many typical dishes of the Campania region, particularly Neapolitan, it gives an unmistakable flavour to pizza, pasta and sauces that accompany meat or fish dishes.

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