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Sun Dried Tomatoes In Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 X 190 G

Sun Dried Tomatoes In Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 X 190 G


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A prestigious variety that encloses all Summer tastes. The tomatoes harvested during the summer season are carefully dried under the sun, according to the Apulian tradition. The unique flavor, sweetness and softness are the result of our careful work together with the use of high-quality ingredients. In addition, our extra virgin olive oil makes these tomatoes unbeatable with a unique flavor. They are delicious eaten just out of the jar as a snack or with aged or semi-aged cheese (such as pecorino cheese). Also delicious used in vegetable mix, pasta and rice salads. They can also be served along with seafood salads or with tuna fish. You should try our tomatoes together with caper buds on warm toasts. Unique!

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IngredientsSundried tomatoes (63%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (34%), salt, capers, chili, mint, wine vinegar (SULPHITES). Citric acid.
Weight0.19 g
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