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Soft Cheese Roggenkas Capriz 200 G

Soft Cheese Roggenkas Capriz 200 G


/ 200 g

Roggenkas" soft cheese made from cow's milk from Capriz is matured after 4 weeks. This gives rise to its characteristic rye rind, under which a closed, yellowish-white paste with scattered holes hides. Roggenkas' smells of rye and has the typical odour of a washed rind cheese. Overall, the texture is soft and flowing, but depending on the degree of ripeness it may be more or less compact. Similarly, the flavour becomes more pronounced as the cheese matures, varying from slightly acidic to strongly spicy. The pleasant aroma of rye is the distinguishing feature of 'Roggenkas'.

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IngredientsVACCINE MILK rennet ferments salt RYE BRAN
Weight200 g
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