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Dark Sponge Cake Cocoa

Dark Sponge Cake Cocoa


/ 600 g

Dark sponge cake base ready for filling at will.

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CookingStore at a temperature below - 18°C. Do not refreeze the product  once thawed. Thaw the product at 0/+ 4 °C for about 4 hours. Do not defrost in a traditional oven or microwave oven. The thawed product should be stored at 0/+ 4 °C, where it will keep for about 4 days.
IngredientsEggs, sugar, wheat flour, wheat starch, glucose syrup, cocoa powder, emulsifiers: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (E471), raising agents: sodium carbonate (E500), sodium hydrogen phosphate (E541), skimmed milk powder, acidity regulator: potassium carbonate (E501), vanillin, colouring agent: beta-carotene (E160a). Contains traces of nuts (hazelnuts).
Weight600 g
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